Statement from Dr. Joseph Laria, Superintendent of Schools

It is with great disappointment that the Glen Cove City School District must report allegations of testing administration irregularities. These allegations, if true, represent a grave disservice to the children, families and community of Glen Cove.
The allegations relate to 'coaching' of students during the administration of NYS grades 3, 4 and 5 ELA and Math assessments in spring of 2012 conducted at Connolly and Landing Elementary Schools.

Upon the advice of counsel, the Board of Education retained outside counsel to conduct an investigation that consisted of interviews with staff members, students (with parent permission) and building administrators regarding protocols and practices applied during the administration of this exam. In addition, the New York State Education Department was made aware of this investigation in accordance with SED requirements.The district launched this proactive and necessary investigation in November 2012 after allegations were brought to the district’s attention.

There is no reason to believe that there is any criminal misconduct and there are currently no pending district charges against any teachers or administrators.