GCPD and Connolly Make it Safer for Students

Promoting the safety of children throughout the community, the Glen Cove Police Department, in partnership with the Office of the Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, brought Operation Safe Child to Connolly Elementary School on May 8-9. The program enabled students to get photographed and fingerprinted for a special identification card that can be utilized by law enforcement and other emergency organizations to provide relevant and crucial information quickly in an emergency situation.

The New York State Safe Child Identification Card also features other vital information about the child, such as height and weight. The information stays on record with the police department, with an option for parents to include their child’s information with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice. The program will also be heading to other Glen Cove area schools.

“[Parents] could present the card to a law enforcement officer and we have all of the information we need to disseminate an Amber Alert or any other type of bulletin that we produce,” said Lieutenant Christopher Ortiz. “This gives us a really accurate picture of what that child looks like at the time the I.D. was taken so we can get the best possible description out for the child.”