Fifth-Graders Bring History to Life

Martin Luther King Jr, Helen Keller and Abigail Adams were brought to life at Landing Elementary School as part of the fifth-grade living museum, which required students to thoroughly research a person of historical significance or fame, dress up as that character and tell visitors about their life and work.

Parents, family and other students were invited to visit the classrooms to learn more about the famous and historical figures. The fifth-graders were in character for the duration of the living museum, introducing visitors to the main impact and significance of their selected person. Other historical figures and celebrities included Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, Carrie Underwood and Hillary Clinton, among many others.

“Today’s activity helps the kids make a personal connection to someone they have researched in history, allowing them to dig deeper into their character, their contributions to society and their importance,” said Interim Principal Martin Malone. “The fun part for the guests is that they get to hear the kids take on the persona of the character. This is completely in line with the social studies curriculum for grade five and it’s an authentic example of how the students can demonstrate their knowledge.”