In a special meeting on May  16, the Glen Cove City School District Board of Education and community heard the results of an investigation of an incident concerning former Superintendent Joseph Laria, who resigned last week.

Acting Superintendent Louis Zocchia conducted the investigation, which consisted of interviews with students and staff, along with review of security videotape of the administration parking lot. His report to the Board of Education was reviewed by the school district's attorney. His summation is as follows:

"I think the facts of this matter are generally known as they have been publicly reported. During a period of time that is a lunch period for most students, Dr. Laria allowed a student who was admiring his car to drive it in a circle in the administration parking lot. Dr. Laria was in the front passenger seat and two other students were in the back seat. The student has a learner's permit. There are no other relevant facts to report. It is fair to say that Dr. Laria exercised poor judgment by allowing the student to drive his car; however, there is no recommendation for further action."

Upon hearing the conclusion from Mr. Zocchia, the Board of Education discussed the matter, heard from the community, and closed it with no action taken, as recommended.

While we recognize that both this issue and the ongoing investigations regarding state assessments have been incredibly frustrating for all, we believe it is critically important to remain deliberate and focused on both the seriousness of the issues, the impartial investigations of the State Education Department and District Attorney, and our own impartial investigations and required due diligence. Our students, staff and community deserve nothing less.