Glen Cove High School Senior ‘Gets Reel’ and More than Makes the Cut

Glen Cove High School senior Francesca Sharper was recently selected to be featured on MSG Varsity’s “Student Director’s Cut” segment, introducing her short video, “It’s Death Again.”

Francesca completed the project as part of the TV Production 4 Independent Study class. She visually interpreted a poem by the same name, authored by Mark Slaughter. An active member of the TV production program, Francesca has had vast experience acting as an on-air host for various productions and news segments. This opportunity gave her the chance to get behind the camera to expand her skills and abilities in the production studio.

“I think it is really important to be involved in activities like the Director’s Cut for me personally because I do more in-front-of-the-camera things,” she said. “Being behind the camera will make me better at editing, directing and overall.”

The Student Director’s Cut is a program that airs on MSG Varsity and highlights student productions that are creative and cinematic, as opposed to news or sports related productions. Generally, it features about four students from different schools in the area, allowing each student to introduce their piece.

Further honing her skills and knowledge of television and video production, Francesca also participated in the prestigious “Get Reel with Your Dreams,” sponsored by ABC/Disney, at Lincoln Center in New York City earlier this month. This industry event, which required students to write an essay on community service in order to gain admission, enabled students from the tri-state area to participate in three workshops of their choice with leading industry professionals. Francesca took part in workshops focusing on on-camera talent, event planning and wardrobe design, taking advantage of the various networking opportunities at the event.

Additionally, Francesca will be preparing a short public service announcement to be submitted for consideration for a $30,000 college scholarship. She’ll be attending St. John’s University in the fall, studying TV/broadcasting or mass communications.

To view Francesca’s MSG Varsity segment, click here (begins at the 17:20 mark):