Vets and Students Honor History for Memorial Day

Prior to the long holiday weekend, students in the Glen Cove Schools took time to honor the service of veterans and recognize Memorial Day. Accompanied by local veterans, Glen Cove City Mayor Ralph Suozzi stopped by the district’s elementary schools to reinforce the importance of the day, handing out small American flags and even honoring our country with patriotic songs.

Additionally, fourth-graders at Landing Elementary School received a firsthand account of the Great Depression and World War II from vet Valentino Accocella, who brought the era to life. Students have been studying this period as part of their social studies curriculum. Accocella, the great-grandfather of fourth-grader Skylar Brennan, shared what it was like to live in the 1930’s and 1940’s, discussing his time in the military during the war.

Students in Allison Hernandez and Maria DePace’s classes at Landing were able to ask Accocella questions they prepared prior to the visit. These questions enabled the students to delve deeper into his life and immerse themselves in an important time in history. Accocella also brought in awards he received and newspaper articles from the time to better illustrate what it was like to live in that era.
“In social studies, we have been learning about World War II and the Great Depression and it was a great opportunity to have Mr. Accocella, one of our student’s great-grandfathers, come in and give a firsthand account of his life story,” Hernandez said. “How fitting this is at a time like Memorial Day.”