Mentoring Program at Connolly School

This year, Ms. Maureen Hellman (a member of the Connolly Elementary School’s Site Committee) started a Mentoring Program.  This program allowed our Glen Cove High School students that are part of the National Honor’s Society (NHS) to come down to Connolly School and mentor students from grades 3-5.  Each Friday, the high school students arrive at Connolly School with Mrs. Francine Luke-Perez who works in the guidance department.  She accompanies our high school mentors to supervise and help out where needed.  Each week, Connolly School can see anywhere between five to ten different NHS students.  There is a rotating schedule of different mentors each Friday so that everyone gets a chance to come see the younger students.  When the NHS students arrive, Ms. Maureen Hellman greets Mrs. Luke-Perez and the NHS mentors.  Each mentor is assigned to a Connolly student.  The mentors visit the younger students in their classrooms.  The mentors get to work with a particular student (chosen by the classroom teacher) that they have been paired up with.  The mentor helps that student academically and socially under the supervision of the classroom teacher.  The mentors are here to provide the opportunity to help our younger students academically and to be positive role models for them.  Through this wonderful community service provided by our high school students, they are making a huge difference in our younger students’ lives.  Both our mentors and younger students are having a great time learning from each other!