Gribbin Gets Wild with Animal Museum

Traversing deep through the jungle, out to the desert and into the Arctic, students at Gribbin Elementary School in Glen Cove explored habitats throughout the world during the Second Grade Animal Museum on June 6. The museum served as the culminating activity for the students’ research projects on habitats.

As part of the unit, the students rotated through classrooms to learn about all of the different habitats, later completing research projects that each focused on a specific habitat and one animal residing in that environment. These projects were then exhibited at the museum through the use of murals, dioramas and other research displays. Parents and other students were invited to visit the exhibition to learn more about the animals and their respective habitats from the students, many of whom dressed up to match their habitats’ themes.

Divided by habitats, including desert, Arctic, savanna, ocean, woodland forest and rainforest, the second-graders presented projects on a wide assortment of animals – from walruses and caribou in the Arctic, cheetahs and hyenas in the savanna, and rattlesnakes and roadrunners in the desert to gorillas and parrots in the rainforest and dolphins and sea turtles in the ocean. In addition to a diorama, each project featured illustrated books that discussed the specific animals’ classifications, appearances, habitats, diets, offspring and other interesting facts.