Landing Third-Graders Showcase Science Research

Showcasing their science knowledge for parents and peers, third-graders at Landing Elementary School in Glen Cove presented their projects, which covered an assortment of scientific disciplines, during the annual science fair on May 17. The fair highlighted the students’ talents and scientific abilities, while serving as a supplemental enhancement to their regular classroom learning. Third-graders selected a topic of their choice, conducting research and an experiment to display at the fair. Projects ranged from “How Does a Circuit Work?” and “The Floating Ball Air Pressure” to “Oil Spills and Ocean Life.”

“The science fair gives the students an opportunity to pick a topic that is interesting to them,” said Interim Principal Martin Malone. “There are a whole range of those topics, so it is exciting that they are engaged and being thoughtful to what they want to learn more about. When you listen to the students actually tell you about their project, it shows you what they really learned and that they can teach it to you, which is the fun part of having them present it today.”