Glen Cove Welcomes Back Students

The Glen Cove School District opened its doors to all students for the start of the 2013-14 year on Tuesday, September 3. New Superintendent of Schools Maria L. Rianna stopped by schools to greet parents and welcome students.

“Lots of smiling faces,” said Ms. Rianna, who led the convocation of faculty and staff last week in preparation for the new year.

Much of the day consisted of students getting acclimated to new teachers, schedules and responsibilities. Orientations were held in the spring at some schools while others opened their doors to students at recent as last week. At the elementary schools, an abbreviated school day provided youngsters with an opportunity to assemble their school supplies, learn the rules and get to know one another before jumping into their regular coursework. Nametags were helpful to both students and teachers alike, and various activities were held to alleviate some of the first-day jitters that many kindergarteners and younger students encounter.

At Connolly School, Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky, who was recently honored for her 35 years of service to the children of Glen Cove, provided an overview of practices and procedures for students and parents in the school gymnasium just prior to classroom activities. At Landing School, Glen Cove’s newest principal, Dimitri Kryoneris, greeted parents in the front of the school and stopped by rooms to personally introduce himself.

At Deasy School, teachers spent time taking youngsters for a tour of the building. Mr. Battaglia’s students created their respective contributions to a class book while Mrs. Haff used a large web as a symbol to reinforce to her students how they will remain connected as a group throughout the year. Mrs. Taylor’s class at Gribbin School shared stories, pictures and even souvenirs from heir summer experiences and vacations, while Mrs. LaPorte’s kindergartners shared some of their first-day emotions– many happy, a few scared and some awesome!

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