The Board of Education was completely shocked when informed this past Saturday afternoon that an internal report containing sensitive information about students and staff had been provided illicitly to the media by unknown sources.

First, we want the community to know that while the report is a legitimate  document being used in the disciplinary proceedings regarding certain Glen Cove school district employees, it was unconscionable for information from this report to end up in a newspaper on Sunday. These are closed hearings that are being held before an impartial hearing officer selected through the State Education Department, in accordance with New York education law. The proceedings and the testimony contained in the investigative report are confidential to protect the privacy rights of employees and those who may testify at the hearing.

Second, it is important to note that it is old news.  The report published in Sunday's paper  was prepared as a result of the investigation concerning testing irregularities that occurred in 2012, not this past spring.

Since the allegations first surfaced nearly one year ago, the district has relied upon guidance and direction from its legal team, the State Education Department, and the Nassau County District Attorney.  There have been many eyes on these proceedings, multiple entities involved, and it has taken much longer than we would have liked.  Your school board is doing everything it can to protect the interests of the district, those who have been accused, and those who may offer testimony in the confidential hearings, including relatively young students. It¹s critically important that we get this right.

Be sure of this:  we have faith in our teachers and believe that they have the best interests of Glen Cove students and learning at heart. However, we remain firm in standing up for the integrity of our school district by continuing to address this challenge objectively and factually to achieve appropriate and responsible resolution.

This board is dedicated to our city's schools, its staff and its children.  We are actively seeking closure to these matters so that we can get back to the business of nurturing a community of learners in our schools.


The Glen Cove Board of Education