Dear Resident,

As most of you know, the last year brought a great challenge to our school community. The investigation into testing improprieties created understandable discontent among parents, faculty, and school and community leaders. It has been an unfortunate chapter in our school district’s history.

As residents of our community and stewards of this system, we are also tremendously upset by what has transpired – and frustrated, at times, by the time-consuming necessity of conducting a deliberate process that attempts to maintain confidentiality. But as we now take the steps toward resolution, it is our hope that the healing process can begin.

This matter is being handled with discretion and great care under the counsel of our legal advisors, the State Education Department and the Nassau County District Attorney. As previously noted, the parties are currently involved in closed disciplinary hearings and/or settlement discussions to resolve all individual cases. 

There will be media reports in the days ahead as matters are resolved. Please know that the Board and district leadership are balancing the privacy rights of those involved in this matter with the mandates of the Freedom of Information Law.

The Glen Cove School District has many amazing teachers who are dedicated to the well-being and success of their students. We will continue to support them and their rights as our employees, as well as lead efforts to implement the best instructional practices so that they can be successful and in turn guide our children toward success. 

In doing so, significant training with regard to State-mandated testing procedures and the ultimate oversight of testing administration is a priority on which we have already begun to follow through, with the guidance and oversight of NYS Education Department.  Our focus will continue to center on delivering the best educational experience while upholding the integrity of our school system and ensuring the validity of the educational assessment of our student population. Given the strong new protocols and heightened awareness driven by the Board’s commitment to students, staff and academic integrity, we are confident that this issue will never be revisited upon our district.

Our children deserve no less, as do our parents, residents and taxpayers.

– The Glen Cove Board of Education