Glen Cove HS Marching Band Places 4th at Columbus Day Parade

In their first appearance in the New York City Columbus Day Parade the Glen Cove High School Marching Band was awarded 4th place in the Marching Band competition out of 15 participating bands.  

Under the direction of Nick Carbuto, 95 Glen Cove High School students marched along Fifth Avenue on Monday, October 14, impressing the judges and fans that lined the streets of Manhattan.

The GCHS Marching Band is comprised of 35 brass players, 15 percussionists, 45 woodwinds, 18 members of the GCHS kickline and 17 varsity cheerleaders.  Overall the band received the 2nd highest General Effect score (presentation of the American/State flags, kickline/cheerleader routines, showmanship, posture). They also achieved the 3rd highest music score of all the bands.

“Your training was evident,” commented the Marching judge, while the General Effect judge said the band showed “lots of emotion, showmanship and communication of pride,” adding the following comments:  “Great expression!  Wow, big sound; all the kids were playing great.  Nice job silks (flags) up front.” The Music judge commented, “Excellent interpretation, technique and balance/blend.  Woodwinds and percussion added to the total musical presentation.”

"This is by far one of the most talented and spirited groups I've had the opportunity to work with since I came to the Glen Cove Schools 15 years ago!” said Mr. Carbuto. “I'm so proud to be their director!" In addition to Mr. Carbuto, Stephanie Spy coaches kickline and Amy Serr coaches the cheerleaders.

Every year the NYC Columbus Day Parade draws approximately 1 million spectators and about 35,000 marchers. In addition to the Columbus Day event, the GCHS Marching Band will once again perform in the City of Glen Cove’s annual Memorial Day Parade. In 2011, under Mr. Carbuto’s direction, the GCHS Marching Band performed in the NYC Veteran’s Day Parade– the only high school marching band from Long Island chosen to participate in the parade.

Some photos provided by Peter M. Budraitis Photography