K-Kids Leaders Ready to Serve

Connolly School K-Kids co-presidents Isabella Bifano and Caterina Squarciafico gave a speech a the recent K Family Divisional meeting on November, 5, 2013 at the Swan Club in Glenwood Landing.  The girls spoke about the Connolly School K-Kids club and their plans for the upcoming school year.  Representatives from other local K-Kids, Builders Clubs and Key Clubs from the Nassau North Division of Kiwanis spoke at the meeting to share their ideas about service projects with one another.
Seen in the photo are Lt. Governor Russell C. Bercheri, K-Kids Advisors Nancy Cox and Sandra Vigliotti, Kiwanis Liason Leslie McCarthy and SDPLG Mickie Leamey, Coordinator of the K Kids Clubs in the Nassau North Division.