The Votes are In!

In conjunction with the 2013 general election, Connolly and Landing elementary schools held their respective fifth-grade Student Council elections, as student body members exercised their right to vote and made informed decisions about who would be this year's Student Council President and fifth-grade Student Council officers.

Candidates for the office of Mayor in the City of Glen Cove, incumbent Mayor Ralph Suozzi and challenger Reggie Spinello, stopped by to applaud the Student Council candidates at both schools and reinforced to all the importance of voting.

Once all of the candidates at each school made their speeches, Landing/Connolly music teacher Sandra Vigliotti led the respective audiences and candidates in a medley of patriotic songs at each school.

Student Council advisers for Landing School are Denise Pawlowski and Maria Depace. Connolly advisers are Susan Stanco and Monique Vaccaro.

Landing School student council officers for the 2013-14 school year are:

Co-Presidents:  Izaiha Jorge and Mia Martinez
Co-Vice Presidents:  Addison Huvane and Liam Dall
Co- Secretaries:  Will Merkel and Nicole Rossi
Co- Treasurers:  Jessica Ninesling and Matthew Gasparella
Co- Historians: Madelaine Starks

Connolly School Student Council officers for the 2013-14 school year are:
President: Isabelle Unger
Vice President: Noemy Annunziata
Treasurer: Colin Gallagher
Secretary: Anisa Sehu
Archivist: Reina Lopez

Congratulations to all of the candidates for running excellent campaigns