Looking for Life in All the Right Places

First and second graders at Deasy Elementary School have been studying the natural environments in and around Glen Cove, literally learning the lay of the land – and water – for that matter.

First graders are studying water and local marine life.  They began their study with mollusks, collecting mud snails from Dosoris Pond and observing them in aquariums in their classrooms.  They then returned to Pryibil Beach to comb the beach collecting the shells of other mollusks. Second graders are studying soil as a natural resource and a habitat for living things.  They’ve been observing the “mini-beasts” in leaf litter, rotting logs, and Deasy’s garden.  They are now gearing-up to welcome hordes of crickets into their classrooms in the hopes of studying their life cycle.

Both grades’ work will include further field trips and interviews with community experts, and is closely integrated with the non-fiction reading and writing standards of the Common Core initiative.