Our Parents As Reading Partners celebration began with a school assembly to introduce this year's theme, Reading is out of this world.  Student  astronaut-readers counted down... and we were on our way!  Thanks to Mr. Battaglia, Mr. Bromberg and Mrs. Bannerman for aligning all the planets for a successful voyage.


Pajama Day

What's more natural than being read to in your pajamas?  On pajama day, everyone came to school in PJs and ready for a good story.


They were treated to an assembly by children's author, Douglas Florian, who read his poems while his audience listened closely.  


Then first graders treated their guest to a heartfelt rendition of one of his poems.


Not to be outdone, second graders performed their own poems inspired by his work.



& Pajama Night

In the evening, Mr. Florian spoke to 150 parents about reading and writing poetry with their children,


while in classrooms, teachers read students a nighttime story.



Landing Readers

One of the highlights of PARP is always the return of Deasy alums from Landing to read in our classrooms.  As always, they were a great hit!



Community Readers

We are deeply grateful to the many community members who found the time to visit and share a few moments over a book with our students. Your presence means the world to us!



And this was only week one ... !