Dear Community members,

I am writing to update you in regard to the incident that occurred today at Connolly Elementary School.   Prior to the start of school this morning, it was discovered that the Connolly School boiler had run out of fuel. Within a few moments, the boilers were switched to gas. During the manual switch, there was a back draft and a residual odor occurred. Windows and doors were opened immediately. Several hours later, between 10:30 and 10:40 a.m., several students [between 12- 14] went to the nurse to report that they felt ill. A few teachers reported the same. The school nurse did check the students but when the odor was reported as a possible reason, the Glen Cove Fire Department was contacted and the entire building was checked for carbon monoxide. The readings reported were zero at that time.  EMS was contacted in order to check all children and staff who complained of not feeling well. 

EMS did indicate that levels at 10 or below did not require medical intervention.  There were no readings that required any medical intervention.  All parents of those students checked were contacted personally.  Letters went home with information and a School Messenger alert went to Connolly parents as well. EMS staff spoke with each parent when students were picked up.

Please be advised that we have worked with emergency medical services team to insure the safety of all students and staff, which is always our priority.

Thank you,

Maria Rianna