Students Meet their Principal’s Challenge

In celebration of PARP, Landing School Principal Dimitri Kryoneris treated his school family to an afternoon they will never forget!  As the annual two-week program drew to a close, Mr. Kryoneris "made good" on his promise to dress in a fox costume, while singing and dancing to the popular YouTube viral video song, "What Does the Fox Say?"  

The annual PARP Principal’s Challenge at Landing is always a huge event. Last year, Interim Principal Martin Malone kissed a pig after the students met his challenge.

Students assembled in the school’s all-purpose room on the last day of PARP and waited anxiously for their principal to arrive. The mood quickly changed to electric as Mr. Kryoneris entered the room at stage left, dressed like a fox with pointy ears and a tail, proceeding to show off his best dance moves.

Before completing his challenge, Mr. Kryoneris thanked PARP co-coordinators Maria DePace, Stefanie Liptzin and PTA co-president Cathy Gambino (all four are pictured), as well as school technology specialist Michele Muzante and all of the Landing teachers for supporting their students throughout the program.  

Landing students were originally challenged to read 30,000 minutes during the two weeks of PARP.  Mr. Kryoneris later increased the stakes to 40,000 minutes.  Students finished having read more than 41,000 minutes.

"Reading is the key to future success, college readiness, and promising careers," said Mr. Kryoneris. "I am particularly proud of my students. After raising the bar and challenging them to read even more than they had ever been asked before, they rose to that challenge and exceeded my expectations."  

Many valuable lessons were learned throughout the Principal’s Challenge, including the importance of setting and reaching goals, keeping promises made, and what it means to be a "good sport."  Teachers remarked that this year will be a tough act to follow and Mr. Kryoneris should start preparing for next year's challenge soon.