Deasy Shows They Are Health Conscious


School Holds Health Fair for Community and Pledges to Walk One Million Steps for Fitness

Over the summer, the Deasy Elementary School PTA approached new Principal Nomi Rosen with an idea to kick off a community outreach event to promote health for all families in the school community. Together they launched a school-wide initiative entitled “Nutrition Mission,” which began in November with two school assemblies for students to promote healthy eating habits. The assemblies were followed by an evening health fair for parents and other residents of the Glen Cove schools that had a broader focus on good health overall.

During the Deasy Health Fair, families learned about ways they can stay fit and were introduced to several local health, physical fitness and wellness organizations that sponsored booths. Karate, yoga, gymnastics, exercise and dance demonstrations were held for both children and adults as part of the fair.

Additionally, as part of Deasy’s ongoing health and wellness initiative, the school is equipping each of its 450 kindergarten through second grade students with a pedometer in order to track their steps – with the ultimate goal of accumulating a total of one million steps as a school. The school plans to track the progress of students with classroom activities and charts, encouraging youngsters to complete math equations and "real life" problem solving based on the challenge.  Local experts, statisticians and other scholars will be invited to encourage students to think and analyze just how far their steps have taken them. 

“Our ultimate goal is to teach students about body mass index and heart rate monitoring, and to promote physical fitness at a young age,” said Ms. Rosen, who explained that the school’s physical education teacher, Angela Zupa, conducts specific in-class activities with students.