Board of Education Honors High School Good Samaritans

The Glen Cove Board of Education commended three young men from Glen Cove High School who have been demonstrating great character in the community through their volunteerism and selfless acts of kindness. Elijah Ambles, Brandon Aviles and Corey Dinkins have been helping people out in the community for years, most recently by shoveling snow for senior citizens, the disabled and others who could benefit from their help. More importantly, they refused to take any compensation for their hard work.

“These boys shoveled driveways for people all the way from the middle school to Carpenter Street…and didn’t take any money,” said Bonnie Arnett, one of the Glen Cove residents they helped out – who is blind. Ms. Arnett was so moved by the gesture, she contacted Glen Cove High School Assistant Principal Allen Hudson to tell him all about the help the boys were providing. Once Mr. Hudson notified Superintendent of Schools Maria L. Rianna, she shared the information with the Board and all agreed that Elijah, Brandon and Corey should be honored.

“They have been doing this for years for free,” said Mr. Hudson, who is proud of the example these students are setting for their peers at Glen Cove High School.

Elijah, Brandon and Corey are pictured here receiving certificates of commendation from the Board of Education and Superintendent Rianna, with Mr. Hudson and Ms. Arnett lending their support.