Gribbin Thanks It's Mentors

National Mentoring Month brings awareness to Mentoring and the positive impact it has on young people and their lives.  The first National Mentoring Month was January 2002 and was spearheaded by the Harvard Mentoring Project and the Corporation for National and Community Service.  This year marks the 13th anniversary of nationally recognizing the importance of the mentoring relationship for individuals and communities.  The goals of National Mentoring Month are to raise awareness for mentoring in its various forms, to recruit people to mentor, and to promote the growth of mentoring by engaging community and corporate connections.  Since its launch, National Mentoring Month has gotten the support of the United States President.   Most recently President Barack Obama has signed a proclamation every year in office in support and recognition of National Mentoring Month.

Gribbin School participates each year in the celebration of National Mentoring Month.  Each January, we hold a “Thank Your Mentor” party.  The children make gifts in recognition of the time and support their mentors give to them each week and each mentor/mentee pair share a snack and some fun activities.  Gribbin School is extremely fortunate to have a combination of staff and community mentors each year who volunteer their time and effort to help make a difference in the life of a child.  We currently have 20 pairs of Mentors and students in the program.  Without these dedicated and wonderful individuals, our commitment to Mentoring would not be possible.  Mentors volunteer a minimum of an hour every other week to spend individually with their mentees listening, playing, and taking an interest in their lives.  This is invaluable to the students selected to participate in the program and has often had a lasting impact long after the program.