Bonding and Staying Active Outdoors

The Glen Cove High School Ski Club returned to Mount Snow, Vermont for their annual weekend trip. This year 48 students were accompanied by Ski Club advisor Chris Barry, chaperone Jason Bieder from the high school English Department and parent chaperones Sue Payton and Gayle LaCapria, whose freshman daughters made the trip. The group stayed in the Snow Lake Lodge at the base of Mount Snow and enjoyed two days of skiing and snowboarding.

"The great thing about this trip is that it brings together such a diverse group of our students and puts them into this unique situation. They meet kids that they probably wouldn't have associated with before and they bond over the weekend. And all the while, we're introducing them to a healthy, lifelong, outdoor activity. It really is a great thing that we have this club and are able to take these trips," said Mr. Barry who has been the GCHS Ski Club adviser for the past 15 years.

The GCHS Ski Club is open to all students. Beginners are encouraged to attend. One more day trip is tentatively scheduled for this season on Saturday March 8 at Windham Mountain in upstate New York. Meetings are held every Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in the GCHS TV Studio. Please contact Mr. Barry at 801-7658 for more information or email him at