Connolly Class Takes Over Kidsday Again

For the second time in three years, Susan Stanco’s fifth-grade class at Connolly Elementary School was selected as Kidsday’s Class of the Week. This year, Ms. Stanco’s young journalists authored multiple articles that ran for one full week in February, with stories appearing in both the online and print editions of the popular Newsday section dedicated to young children who aspire to write feature articles on various subjects.

Articles from Ms. Stanco’s students included “I Work for My Allowance,” by Noemy Annunziata, who writes about how she helps out at her uncle’s Roslyn clothing apparel store; “Rock Your Way Out of Boredom” by Cassandra Hill, who describes how to have fun with pet rocks; and “Like Toys?” by Andrew Palafox, who writes about the toys he finds most addictive.

Students Sidney Angalet, Antonio De Luca, Vincent Pedone and Caterina Squarciafico also collaborated on an interview with U.S. Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson, who has since taken home a gold medal in the Sochi games. To read the article and view the video, click here: