Lifesavers Honored by GC BOE

The Glen Cove Board of Education recently had the rare honor of celebrating not one, but two staff members who saved a life in school.

At Gribbin Elementary School, librarian Robin Schapira wasn’t feeling well. When nurse Tracey Taylor observed her, she knew right away Ms. Schapira was in immediate danger and insisted she take her to Glen Cove Hospital right away. Following an examination and subsequent treatment, the doctors at the hospital confirmed that Ms. Taylor’s assessment and quick thinking saved Ms. Schapira’s life.

Damon Tillman, a cleaner at Glen Cove High School, also stepped up to save a life. In this case, he noticed a student choking in the school cafeteria and quickly implemented the Heimlich maneuver to propel the obstruction from the student’s air passage.

The Board of Education honored both Ms. Taylor and Mr. Tillman at the March 10 meeting, presenting them with certificates of recognition for their fast thinking and heroism. Congratulations to both of these lifesavers, as well as those whose lives they saved. Glen Cove is fortunate to have all of you around.