Easy as Pi

As part of their studies, Finley Middle School seventh grade math students are learning about Pi – 3.14 – which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter often represented by the Greek letter π. March 14 (3/14) was Pi Day at the school, dedicated to fun activities centering on Pi. Leading up to the day, students created posters, reports and multimedia presentations to demonstrate their knowledge of Pi.  

Seventh-grade honor student Dara Levy won best overall project for her PowerPoint presentation on Pi. There was also a contest to recite the most digits of Pi, won by Arham Jamil. Both students were awarded Pi t-shirts.

Students were also treated to bagels and other circular snacks as a reward for their hard work. Albert Einstein even stopped by to deliver a pizza pie. March 14 is also the theoretical physicist’s birthday, appropriately played by Finley Middle School Assistant Principal Dr. Thomas Pye (who was affectionately reminded by Finley teachers not to let the day go to his head).

Math Chairperson Cassie Shannon and seventh-grade math teachers Kirsten Kenney and Judith Geraghty organized the school’s Pi Day activities.