Looking for the Leprechaun

“The Leprechaun did it!” That was the sentiment of kindergarteners in Ms. Bannerman’s and Ms. Crumlich’s classes at Deasy School. Upon returning to their classrooms from special area lessons on St. Patrick’s Day, they were surprised and intrigued to find that their rooms were turned upside down (including chairs and desks)! Books were scattered on the floor, furniture was out of place and there were traces of gold dust and green footprints on the floor, as well as green handprints on the windows. There were even some gold coins left behind and a note from a mysterious visitor. Students were provided with small green colored ‘scopes’ to help them search for clues.

Kindergartners have been learning about the mischievous ways of the Irish folklore character the Leprechaun, and used this information and the clues they found in the classroom to deduce that these small creatures were the culprits. They will be writing letters to Leprechauns later this week, asking questions to get to the bottom of the matter. The exercise aligns with the Common Core Learning Standards for kindergarteners, which include reading texts, forming links from the texts to actual events, forming opinions and sharing and writing about their reactions.