BOE Honors Nationally-Recognized Writer

During their April 22 meeting, the Glen Cove Board of Education presented Connolly Elementary School fifth-grader Lily Knobel with a certificate of recognition for winning the Scholastic Storyworks magazine national writing contest. Lily and other students in Frank Monteleone’s class read an article based on a play entitled "Duckling" that was published in the Scholastic magazine. In the story, characters treated the ‘Ugly Duckling’ cruelly and Lily and her classmates were asked to write an explanation of how the Ugly Duckling learns to accept himself.  

“We have a celebrity in the house,” said Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna, speaking of Lily and her national recognition. Lily read her award-winning entry for the community in attendance – which was followed by emphatic applause. Connolly Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky and Mr. Monteleone were in attendance to support their student.

In her congratulatory letter to Lily, Storyworks Assistant Editor Lauren Maganizer thanked Lily for her “thoughtful piece” and praised her on her use of evidence from the play to support her idea. For her award-winning entry, Lily received a copy of Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, a book about an 11-year-old girl with a photographic memory who is unable to walk, talk or write.

Mr. Monteleone was also applauded; this is the second time in three years that one of his students has won this national Scholastic award.