Long Winter Getting Longer? Gribbin Class Finds the Groundhog’s Shadow


Irena Komola’s kindergarten class at Gribbin Elementary School recently recognized Groundhog Day by creating their own groundhog puppets on a pencil (to encourage writing) and using those puppets to find the groundhog’s shadow. They did so by holding up their groundhogs up to the sunlight, which was beaming through their classroom window and casting groundhog shadows on the floor.

Since this year it was cloudy on Groundhog Day, the class elected to perform the activity the following day. Punxsutawney Phil came out on the actual Groundhog Day and didn’t see his shadow, which signifies an early end to winter. However, these youngsters saw the shadow, which unfortunately for those not embracing this extraordinarily snowy winter, means you will have to wait another six weeks for warmer weather.

Additionally, students sang the ‘Groundhog Song’ and read about the groundhog leading up to the activity. The lesson also incorporated some basic science since the students learned how sunlight casts a shadow. Adding to the fun, School Nurse Tracey Taylor dressed up as a groundhog for the occasion.