Books Bring a World of Motivation

In celebration of World Book Day, Spanish Native Language Arts I classes at Glen Cove High School received a visit from Maria Fernanda Pardo, a bilingual librarian at the Glen Cove Public Library who gave a presentation about the services offered at the library and spoke about the importance of reading. Students also received a free book of their choice as Mrs. Pardo served as the designated “book giver” for the day. Students were also given the opportunity to apply for a library card.

Following the visit, students checked out books at the school library and participated in a variety of collaborative activities where they shared reading experiences, learned about different genres and created their own inspirational bookmarks. As a quarter project, they were offered many choices on how to present a book they had read.

“Although the books could be read in any language, the project was done in Spanish,” said Spanish Native Language Arts teacher Herenia Padilla. “The students were motivated to read and their projects were amazing.”

As a follow-up, students also wrote letters to Mrs. Pardo to thank her and inform her that they are using the public library’s services. Some favorite services include the use of for homework help, the access to e-books on their phones and computers, and the databases for research purposes.

“The celebration was a success,” added Ms. Padilla. “The students were motivated to read in any language and learned how to use the library services to enhance their learning experiences.”