Rising to the Occasion

Landing Elementary School continued its seasonal recognition of student improvement and achievement as the school recently honored 35 students in grades 3-5 as Junior Rising Stars. During a school-wide assembly, Junior Rising Stars are praised for their overall efforts to be good students as well as good citizens and friends to their fellow classmates. Hard work, strong attendance and an ability to work well with others are some of the criteria for which these students are congratulated.

Landing Principal Dimitri Kryoneris commended the Spring Junior Rising Stars on their accomplishments. Board of Education President Donna Brady and Assistant Superintendent Human Resources Louis Zocchia were also on hand to applaud the following students and their teachers:

Spring 2014 Junior Rising Stars (with teacher)
Valerie Acosta: Mrs. Jensen
Kevin Anaya: Mrs. Pawlowski
Ariel Avelar: Ms. Orlando
Alex Benitez: Mrs. Mazza
Josue Caceres Trigueros: Mrs. Montuori
De’Evian Christopher: Mrs. Villella
Maryori Climaco: Mrs. Hernandez
Kassandra Cruz Rivas: Mrs. Tenke
Elijah Daniel: Mrs. Mendrinos
Brian Flores: Mrs. Villella
Perla Fuentes Escobar: Mrs. Phegley
Anthony Gegovic: Mrs. Reynolds
Nicolai Glouchkov: Mr. Smith
Darwin Granados Reyes: Mrs. Phegley
Kathryn Houghton: Mrs. Conners
Monica Juarez Barnes: Mrs. Liptzin
Lucas Mattern: Mrs. Flower
Ruth Mendoza: Mrs. Reynolds
Kema Minter: Mrs. Fiumara
Jerzon Ovando: Mr. Smith
Natalie Penate: Mrs. Mazza
Nayelin Quezada: Mrs. Clark
Edwin Rivas: Mrs. Clark
Jada Rose Rugel: Mrs. Pawlowski
Allison Salinas Chavez: Mrs. Flower
Gisselle Salinas: Mrs. DePace
Jason Sawoch: Mrs. DePace
Garv Sehgal: Mrs. Fiumara
Julianna Syed: Mrs. Jenson
Aliyah Thurmond: Mrs. Conners
Ana Velasquez Turcios: Mrs. Mendrinos
Stephanie Villalobos: Mrs. Liptzin
Michelle Villatoro: Mrs. Montouri
Gavante White: Mrs. Tenke
Khaleem Zachary: Mrs. Hernandez