100 Days of School Celebrated in Glen Cove


Young students in the Glen Cove School District recognized the 100th day of school with a variety of celebrations and activities that centered on the number 100. Many activities cultivated counting and mathematic skills, while others provided students with an opportunity to show their creativity, and even physical fitness abilities.

At Deasy Elementary School, kindergartners arrived at the school cafeteria to the site of a delicious breakfast prepared for them: each plate had a sausage representing the number “1” and two bagel halves as the “00”s to go with their eggs and juice. They adorned colorful 100 hats they made themselves as they enjoyed their meal. Other classes, including Meryl Gordon’s first-grade class at Deasy and Genene Coppola’s kindergarten class at Gribbin Elementary School, created colorful projects out of 100 items, including toothpicks, ice cream pop sticks, crayons, stickers and paper clips. In physical education class at Gribbin School, teachers Mark Checola and Chris MacDonald performed 100 jumping jacks with students and played 100 different parachute games with them to promote teamwork and help them strengthen their shoulders, arms, and hand muscles.

While the harsh winter may have delayed the 100th day of school, to the students, it was well worth the wait.