Simon Sez: “Deasy Students Are Respectful”


Deasy Elementary School in Glen Cove recently welcomed Steve Max, a Character Education presenter and professional “Simon Sez” caller. Mr. Max incorporated the pillars of character (fairness, caring, citizenship, trustworthiness, responsibility and respect) into his game and taught the young students to be respectful to others by being good listeners.

Mr. Max also pointed out the difference between men and gentlemen and women and ladies: the latter always demonstrate good manners and treat people with respect. He also brief portions of the game in different languages. Students were asked to come up on stage and show their classmates how well-behaved and well-versed they are in character education.

“By emphasizing good listening during a simple game of Simon Sez, students learn important life skills that can be used back in the classroom and elsewhere,” said Mr. Max, who also teaches students that it’s okay to make mistakes once in a while, and how to resist peer pressure. In addition to performing at schools throughout the country, he entertains audiences at NBA and NCAA basketball games and other sporting events.