Everyone has rights at Landing

Landing students continued a long-time school tradition when they signed the Landing School Bill of Rights at an assembly held on Sept. 5.

Initially started by Dr. Michael Israel in 1999, Landing’s Bill of Rights is guided on the principles that every Landing student has a right to learn; a right to feel and be safe; a right to be respected; and a right to speak and be heard.

“I love this tradition,” Landing Principal Dimitri Kryoneris said. “It sets a positive, safe tone to the school year.”

At the assembly, each student signed their name to the Bill of Rights, which will be framed and displayed in the hallway to the building’s All Purpose Room. By signing the document, the children are reminded of the importance of being kind and respectful to each other. In addition, they realize they must work together with their parents and teachers to make a difference in the Glen Cove Community.