School Pride Personified in Red vs. Green Games


The 2011 edition of Glen Cove School District’s annual Red vs. Green Games went to the Red Team this year, as students and staff came out in support of their former (and in some cases current) elementary schools. In a series of games that demonstrated ability, creativity and school spirit, the Red Team, representing Deasy and Landing Elementary Schools, defeated the defending champ, the Gribbin and Connolly Elementary School Green Team.

Participants donned the color of their allegiance, as points were awarded for the best representation of team through colored shirts, posters in the crowd, and the loudest cheering fans. Current elementary school students were invited to share in the fun, showing off their arms in a Nerf ball toss. Current Glen Cove High School students represented their former elementary school in the games, with the Red Team earning the right to play a team of district staff members in volleyball. The students triumphed!

Proceeds raised from the gate were donated to the Glen Cove Community Scholarship Fund for the awarding of scholarships for deserving 2011 graduating seniors in the Class of 2011.