A Visit with Eyewitness News Correspondent Kristin Throne

Communication arts students received career advice and critiques on their classwork when Kristin Thorne, a Long Island correspondent for WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News, visited TV Production 1 and Broadcast Journalism classes.

Thorne’s visit, orchestrated by media communications teacher Christopher Barry, marks the first in a series of professionals who will visit the high school classes, providing students with insight on what it takes to do certain jobs and how to achieve their career goals.

“They can hear me talk until I’m blue in the face, but to actually sit with someone in the television business, it registers differently,” Barry said.

Thorne provided students with specific information of what her job entails, including writing, long hours and the importance of her appearance. She also indicated her love of breaking news and storm coverage, telling students she has been fascinated by storms since she was a young girl.

Students were completely engaged throughout the visit, especially when Thorne spoke of how she secured her first reporting job out of college. She explained that she had emailed and phoned a news director in Connecticut and when she didn’t hear back, she decided to take a “road trip” to the newsroom. Once there, she met with the news director and convinced him to give her a chance.

 “You have to put boots on the ground,” Thorne said. “You will not get a job from an email. You have to set up an informational meeting.”

 During her meeting with Broadcast Journalism students, the WABC-TV correspondent reviewed footage of students’ classwork, giving them tips on framing shots and how to hold a microphone. She also told students it didn’t matter what career path they chose, as long as they had passion for it.

“Don’t be afraid,” Thorne said. “Find what you like, what makes you happy, and go for it.”