Inference Through Art at Deasy

The interpretation of a work of art is in the eye of the beholder – a lesson first-grade students at Deasy School experienced firsthand during a recent classroom visit with Nassau County Museum of Art representative Rebecca Hirschwerk.

The meeting was scheduled as a precursor to an upcoming field trip to the museum and gave students an up-close look at several works of art in an intimate setting.

“I love these visits because they give students an understanding of what we do,” Hirschwerk said. “They recognize us and feel comfortable.”

Hirschwerk met with students in Diane Depietro’s and Jen Russo’s classes, showing them several works of art and asking them to describe what they thought was going on in each picture. Students participated with enthusiasm, excitedly raising their hands while offering interesting explanations.

“This process makes the students feel safe because there’s never a right or wrong answer,” Principal Nomi Rosen said.

According to Rosen, the visit bolsters students’ visual thinking strategies and serves as a lead-in to close reading and textual evidence. In addition to the classroom and museum visits, students will also be asked to write about the works of art and describe what they see.