A Lesson in Democracy


Connolly and Landing students exercised their right to vote during recent student council elections.

Both of the elections received support from local officials, with Glen Cove Deputy Mayor Barbara Peebles attending the Landing assembly, and Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello joining the Connolly students. During his remarks, Mayor Spinello wished the candidates good luck, and encouraged students, teachers and parents in the audience to give the contenders their full attention because they were helping to make a better future.

“These students are running for office because they want to help make your school better, and that’s really a good thing because they’re looking out for you,” Mayor Spinello said.

Also in attendance at Connolly was Dr. Michael Israel, assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and technology, along with Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna, who attended both events and reminded students that voting was an “honored privilege.”

 “We’re getting to do something students in other schools in parts of the country don’t get to do. It’s important because voting for someone allows us to understand what you want in your school, city, state and country,” Rianna said.

The superintendent also told students it was their job to help the candidates once they were elected. “We have to help them accomplish what they say they can do,” Rianna said. “We are stronger when we work together.”

Candidates from both schools took to the podium and gave heartfelt speeches explaining why he or she wanted to be elected to the student council, before students returned to their classrooms to vote.

Connolly Principal Rose Sekelsky and Landing Principal Dimitri Kyroneris wished all the candidates good luck and reminded student-voters to choose the contenders who would best represent their schools.   


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