Members of Glen Cove High School’s Distributive Education Club of America went to school on Election Day to help beautify the grounds at the high school.

The student volunteers planted red and ivory tulips in the shape of the letters “G” and “C” in two circular plots in front of the high school building. The planting is part of a series of beautification projects made possible thanks to a collaborative effort between the Glen Cove High School PTSA and the Glen Cove Youth Bureau.

According to Assistant Principal Nadine Richards, Glen Cove High School PTSA President Anne Markoulis spearheaded the efforts, donating the 500 tulips the students planted. Richards said the volunteers showed great effort and spirit.

“It’s really something special when our students take the time to give back to their school community and demonstrate how much they care,” Richards said. “How fitting it is that these students demonstrated excellent citizenship and interpersonal skills on the day we elect officials to do the same.”

Glen Cove City Councilwoman Pam Panzenbeck and the Glen Cove Youth Bureau’s Jacki Yonick also participated in the effort, working side by side with students to determine the layout of the design, dig holes and plant bulbs.

“It’s important for the students to take pride in the community,” Yonick said.