Fish Tales Comes to Deasy


Deasy first-graders learned about the anatomy of fish during the Long Island Children’s Museum outreach program Fish Tales.

The program, led by LICM Outreach Manager Stacey Lee, took students on an imaginary fishing trip, where they caught a fish and dissected it, all while learning about the comparative anatomy between fish and humans. After the dissection, the children examined the parts of the fish with a magnify glass, while Lee cooked the fish for the students to eat.

First-grade teacher Wendy Romanoff said the program tied into the student’s “Snails to Whales” curriculum.

“We began the year talking about snails, then moved to the properties of water,” Romanoff said. “This program will launch us into our unit on fish, where we will have aquariums set up in the classrooms so the students can study them.”

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