Spelling Bee at Landing

Twelve Landing School fifth-graders had the opportunity to demonstrate their spelling skills as they participated in the annual Scripps Spelling Bee on Jan. 7.  

Ciaran Greene, Ryan Houghton, Allayna Hurston-James, Exau Maldonado, Virginia Papasidero, Mathew Salinas, Samantha Seery, Doris Serrano, Jaden Thom, Joseph Thom, Rafael Cruz Villalobos and Miranda Weiser competed against each other in the bee.  All of the students had previously won their classroom contests.

Landing teachers Margaret Clark and Denise Pawlowski moderated the contest, while Susan Fiumara and Karen Serani served as floor judges. Clark did a fantastic job of putting the spellers at ease throughout the competition with her kind and supportive words and her creative and witty sentences that accompanied each spelling word. Pawlowski prepared the extensive word lists for the contestants and helped acquaint them with the rules and regulations of the competition.  

 “We had some really talented spellers who participated this year,” said Pawlowski. “It would have been impossible to predict a winner.” Clark added, “I was so impressed by the students’ dedication and commitment to this spelling bee. It took a total of 175 words, a new school record, before we could declare an official winner.”  
Congratulations to Miranda Weiser, this year’s first-place spelling bee winner, and runner-up Joseph Thom.