Board Honors a Hero

Finley Middle School security guard Horace Townsend was honored by the Board of Education at their Feb. 23 meeting.

Townsend was recognized for performing the Heimlich maneuver on a Finley Middle School student in the school cafeteria last December upon noticing the child choking. Finley Principal Nelson Iocolano and Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna thanked Townsend for his quick thinking and heroic actions.

Townsend expressed his gratitude to the district for providing him and other school personnel with CPR training, which equipped him with the necessary skills to help the student in distress.

In addition to celebrating Townsend, the Board was also presented with research conducted by Finley students Matthew Gasparello and Kylie Paul as part of the school’s newly implemented research program. During the half-year course, students selected a topic of interest and wrote extensive research papers on what they had learned.