Students Teach Students at Finley

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Finley teachers Valerie Amilicia, Andrew DiNapoli and Lori Penrod felt it would benefit their students if they collaborated and created an environment where the eighth-grade honors students became mentors and teachers for their sixth-grade peers.

To that end, Amilicia’s eighth-grade class familiarized themselves with the article “Snow Way,” taken from the 2013 sixth-grade English language arts exam and created lesson plans that modeled close reading and writing strategies. The students’ demonstrated patience and educational skills that catalyzed learning and understanding from the sixth-grade students.

Eighth-grade mentors asked their students to explain their reasoning behind why certain multiple-choice answers were incorrect, and why the correct answer was the strongest. In addition, some of the mentors utilized graphic organizers, poster charts and annotation skills as a way to facilitate student comprehension and analysis.

Amilicia said it was a privilege to see all of the students engaged in a community of active learning. Each student was involved in a discussion that was built on the precepts of trust, guidance and application.