The Glen Cove Board of Education and administration of the Glen Cove School District would like to clarify two expenditure lines for the 2011-12 proposed school district budget recently published in the budget edition of the district newsletter entitled The Knightline under “Budget Breakdown by Function.”

Line 1240: Office of the Superintendent
Line 1240, which is entitled “Superintendent” includes all expenditures associated with the “Office of the Superintendent of Schools.” Expenditures under this line include not only the superintendent’s salary, but his administrative assistant’s salary, supplies, contracted services and any other costs paid through the superintendent’s office.

The current superintendent’s compensation is actually less than the previous superintendent. Additionally, the current superintendent does not take health insurance benefits, life insurance, annuities, and the district does not pay pension contributions on his behalf. He has also accepted significantly less sick and all-purpose time (religious observance, personal, etc.) with no provision for a buy back on this time, or vacation time.

Line 1010 entitled Board of Education
Line 1010 entitled “Board of Education” shows a net increase due to the consolidation of the District Clerk and Board of Education Secretary positions. The entire cost for this consolidated position is charged to the 1010 Board of Education line, with the District Clerk position removed from the 1040 District Clerk line. No members of the Board of Education receive any type of compensation for their service.

Budget line expenditure listings in the “Budget Breakdown by Function” represent summarizations of expenditure areas and are inclusive of all associated costs within that budget area via a budget code.