Connolly Students Take the Brain Challenge


Students at Connolly Elementary School recently accepted the “Brain Challenge,” a simulated, age-appropriate Jeopardy-style game show that tested their knowledge in a variety of different disciplines. Third, fourth, and fifth graders answered short questions about current events, geography, literature, math, science, history, and other subjects in a fun and spirited contest.

Complete with a live game show host, a referee, electronic scoring, a game show style podium, a countdown clock and buzzers, the “Brain Challenge” also consisted of a few physical challenges such as a tug-of-war, dancing, and hula-hoop competition. There was also a lightning Simon Says round and teachers were even called up to answer some questions. At the end of the game, host Peter Shapiro was reluctant to announce the team that accumulated the largest number of points, because in his words, “No matter what the score, everyone’s a winner.” It didn’t matter, because everyone was a good sport.

Sponsored by the Connolly School PTA, the “Brain Challenge” is administered by HollyRock Entertainment, which uses over 1,000 questions– all written by teachers. In addition to reinforcing what they learned in the classroom, the activity served as a reward to the children for their hard work in preparing for the recent standardized assessments.