‘Robin’s Reading Room’


Connolly School students took part in a free throw basketball fundraiser to pay tribute to school librarian Robin Schapira, who lost her battle with cancer on Feb. 26.

The idea for the fundraiser came from fifth-grade student Anna Basile, who wanted to honor Schapira with an event that tied into March Madness. Each student participating in the contest raised money through sponsors.  Those funds, which totaled $375, will be used to purchase books for “Robin’s Reading Room” in memory of Schapira.

Schapira’s husband Barry and daughter Sarah were in attendance and gave out prizes to the top shooters in the contest. The students also gave the family a binder of poems created in honor of the librarian. Congratulations to the following the students, who made the most shots during the contest:

Grade 5
Gerson Medina
Samantha Conte
Maria Alvarado

Grade 4
Finn Jenkins
Londell Wheeler

Grade 3
Warren Toutoute
Nicholas Congero
Nicholas Ladearous