The Blind Truth

Glen Cove resident Vinny St. Marten offered Glen Cove High School students insight on what it was like growing up blind in the 1950s during a recent visit to the school.

Members of the school’s Hero Club and DECA club listened as St. Marten shared details of his youth, including his mother’s difficulty in accepting his blindness and how music opened up his world.

“I lost my eyesight at the age of 7,” St. Marten said. “I’ve dealt with a lot of issues, including bullying and racism, but the gift of blindness and a passion for music saved my life.”

 Members of the TV studio recorded St. Marten and his longtime friend, Elysa Sunshine, as they shared his story, “The Blind Truth.” The production incorporated dialogue, recorded music and live singing by St. Marten. It also included live music and singing by Sunshine and a slideshow compiled by junior Aaron Hall.