Glen Cove HS Top Seniors Honored


Glen Cove High School recently conducted its annual Student Awards for Excellence ceremony. Nearly 100 different awards and scholarships were handed out to members of the senior class of 2011, several of which were presented to multiple recipients. Categories ranged from academic awards in the core subject areas to awards for community service and volunteerism to creativity and prowess in the arts. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph A. Laria and Glen Cove High School Principal Dr. Joseph Hinton joined special presenters in congratulating the students. Rahul Nath won the Valedictorian Award, Carly Baron won the Salutatorian Award and Katherine Serrano won the Honorarian Award as the top-ranking students in the Class of 2011. They were also among the students who took home the most awards of the evening, along with Christopher Melillo, Andrew Sakhaee, Heather Artinian and other multiple-award honorees.