Gribbin’s Animal Museum


Gribbin School second-graders exhibited their extensive knowledge of animals, as well as their creativity, during the Animal Museum at their school.

Dioramas, murals and nonfiction books created by students were on display. Each class studied a different habitat and researched an animal found in it, writing a book based on their research findings.

As part of the process, every second-grade class rotated to different teachers during a five-day period, allowing them to learn about various habitats, including oceans, rainforests, savannahs, the Arctic, deserts and woodland forests. Students also researched their animals’ classification, appearance, diet, movement, sounds and offspring. Along the way, they learned fun facts about their animals.

On the day of the museum, the second-graders wore clothing related to the habitat they studied and showed off their creations to their parents and the entire student body.