Board Says Goodbye to Retirees

At a ceremony held prior to the June 15 Board of Education meeting, Board members and administrators from the district bid farewell to retiring district employees.

Dr. Michael Israel, assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and technology, began the ceremony, recognizing the retiring administrators, Coordinator of Special Education Mary Murphy and Deasy School Principal Nomi Rosen. Dr. Israel wished both administrators continued good health and the best of everything in retirement before handing the ceremony over to the district’s building principals, who recognized faculty and staff members from their respective buildings.  

Congratulations to the following district employees:

Fran Baglio – English teacher
Richard Bullis – Technology teacher
Nicholas Carbuto – Music teacher
Cheryl Chase – ESL teacher
Lucy D’Henin – Secretary to Connolly principal
Victoria DeLuise – Elementary G & T teacher
Rosemary Doran – Elementary teacher
Barbara Engel – Reading teacher
Deborah Grosser – Science teacher
Wendy Grossman – Speech teacher
Gloria Hafner – Reading teacher
Leslie Jensen – Elementary teacher
Carol Levy – Special education teacher
Brenda Macari – Reading teacher
Joanne Maher – Special education teacher                    
David Smith – Elementary teacher